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Parent/Guardian Agreement Regarding Payment for Damages to School Property

California Education Code section 48904, states that the parent or guardian of a minor is liable to a school district for all property loaned to and failed to returned, or willfully damaged by a minor. The liability shall not exceed $10,000. In addition, it authorizes school district (LACPA), after affording the student due process rights, to withhold the grades, diplomas, and transcripts of a student until the student or parent/guardian pays for the loss or damages to school property, e.g. textbooks, library books, graffiti, computers, and sport equipment.

I have read and assume full Parent/Guardian responsibility for any damages done to the school building or school property by my child. I agree to pay for the cost of repairs of any damages within fifteen (15) days of receipt of notification.*
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I authorize that my printed parent/guardian name above shall serve as my signature.*
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