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Samuel Restrepo Biography

Mr. Restrepo


Courses: Earth Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science


Contact Info:  Cell: (626) 755-1911   (Text works best)


Hello fellow stake holders, my name is Samuel Restrepo LAICHs’ Chemistry, Earth Science, and Environmental science teacher.  I am very excited to be teaching in a small urban community in which my passion for science can be utilized to its maximum potential.  My love for science was rooted with a strong emphasis on education from my father who ensured that all his children learned how to read and write before enrolling in school as a kindergartner.  The love of science was reinforced through the countless efforts of great teachers that I had throughout my educational journey. I believe now more than ever that the learning and thought process that is science is vitally important to stay competitive in a technology based society.  Even more important is the need for future generations to understand the scientific principles that govern our planet and existence, in order to ensure a healthy and productive future for generation to come.  My philosophy as a teacher includes the sharing of knowledge through passion and hands on experiences in order to help students understand, grow, and develop their own ideas to contribute to the scientific and local community. 

I was born and raised in Southern California as a first generation citizen, whose father emigrated from Medellin Colombia, and mother from Merida Yucutan Mexico.  I have two older sisters, one older brother, and one younger brother.  Raised in a impoverished household has taught me the value of appreciating everything that has been given to me or that I have worked for, and has led me to want to give back to the people that might be in that same situation I once grew up in.  I received my Bachelors in Science with a Geology emphasis at California State University of Los Angeles, and received my masters in education at UCLA.  This will be my tenth year teaching and looking forward to another great and exciting new year.