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School Profile

Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) is a comprehensive, college-preparatory high school located in northeast Los Angeles. Most of the students reside in the nearby communities of Hermon, Highland Park, Cypress Park, Lincoln Heights, and El Sereno. The majority of our students would attend Franklin, Lincoln, or Wilson High Schools. There are 275 students enrolled at LAICHS. LAICHS has graduated its first six  groups of students and is currently in its 10th year of operation. Our students have been accepted into accredited universities.
LAICHS helps our students to become active, enthusiastic learners who use their unique talents and intelligences to empower themselves and others. LAICHS graduating seniors have an expansive academic background. They have collaborated on a variety of challenging academic and community projects.   

LAICHS is highly reputable in the local and surrounding communities. Academic and community related projects have included, but are not limited to, volunteering at local community based organizations, college visitations, hosting performing and visual art demonstrations, and organizing community improvement campaigns involving clean-up, recycling and community awareness. LAICHSl is considered the best public high school in northeast Los Angeles.