Virtual Bell Schedule (Updated- All teachers have daily office hours to further help students)

Effectively immediately students will begin following this virtual bell schedule. Students are required to check-in with teachers each period. Each teacher will have a google form for each student to fill out either on google classroom or sent by email. Students make sure to fill this out every time you check into a class. Use this time to meet with your teacher and ask questions about any assignments you may need help with or if you need clarification.  All teachers have office hours as well for extra help. 
Please be aware that school is still in session. You are required by law to attend and or communicate with your teacher every day as if you were physically attending their class. You are also required to complete assignments in order to get a passing grade for this semester. You will have finals and tests throughout the semester so you need to make sure you are doing the work assigned.
All teachers are available to help so please do not hesitate and ask for help. There is after school tutoring as well and we will post/send that information to you by tomorrow April 17th, 2020.  Furthermore, please reach out to the after school program site coordinator at for further details

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