Update for Off-site Instructional Education 3/31/20

Students are expected to check in online in Google Classroom each day (periods 1,3,5,7 on M,W,Th and
periods 2,4,6,7 on Tu, W,F) just as they would do on any regular school week.
The assignments and grades that are posted on Google Classroom are real, official, and applicable to the
students overall success in the grading process. Students are responsible for the work being given by the
instructors if they are unable for some reason to comply with the procedures they may contact their
instructors, counselors or administration through Google Classroom and email. Thursday April 2, 2020 is
the last day on the school calendar before Spring Break and as this process will lead into and through
April we need to take further steps to sustain our education plans until our anticipated return of May
4th. Anyone who does not have computer access may request a computer (one per family/household on
Thursday 10am-12pm) in the school office. The phones are monitored regularly thus anyone may call
and leave a message on the school voicemail or write concerns to info@lacpacademy.org.

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