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Homework Policy

The faculty and administration of Los Angeles College Prep Academy (LACPA) believe that homework is a valuable learning tool. If your child does not complete his or her homework for any period, your child will be sent to the office to call you the parent and make you aware that the homework was not completed. A parent phone call will be made any time that the student does not complete their homework. Each phone call will be logged by your child; please review your child’s phone log for more information on incomplete homework assignment(s).


Please understand that the success of the student working on homework is contingent on the pace at which the student works. Any distraction such as watching TV, chatting online, emailing or any other sort of distraction will prevent the student to complete any homework. Good discipline will provide opportunities for student’s success.


As part of this policy, we hope that we have your support and always update any changes to your contact information. We encourage parents to be involved and communicate any issues or questions to faculty or administration.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Homework Policy and will adhere to it.*
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