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Executive Director Message

Dear Los Angeles College Prep Community,

The holiday season provides all of us an opportunity to slow down, reflect, recharge, and re-focus our energy on what is most important in our lives. The impact that COVID 19 has placed on all of us, has provided everyone an even more laser light focus on the most important things in life, our health and family. More than ever, the holiday season offers us a chance to give gratitude to all of our loved ones and cherish every day and live it to the fullest.

Our school staff has worked selflessly to make a positive impact for our scholars and families during these challenging times and I am grateful for such a dedicated team. Parents, caregivers, and families you have also worked diligently around the clock in partnership with us ensuring that your children are receiving the best support possible over the course of our first semester. Thank you both for your consistent dedication to our scholars ensuring that high quality learning continues even through the physical distance.

To our community partners, we also say thank you. Thank you for your collaboration in implementing strong scholar support systems ensuring that their academic and social emotional needs are met. From after school tutoring, to internship opportunities, and peer mentoring, we are thankful for your ongoing support. We could not do this without your tireless efforts and are very lucky to have all of you as part of our Los Angeles College Prep Academy family.

To our school board members we are thankful for your service. Your dialogue and thought partnership on how to navigate the ongoing development of this school year and planning for the future has been a tremendous benefit to our school community. In such a short time the board has shown great leadership taking on unchartered territory with great patience and thoughtfulness. I look forward to our continued partnership for the second half of the school year, as we strengthen our systems to enhance and improve scholar learning outcomes.

Last and certainly not least, to our Los Angeles College Prep Academy scholars. You are an amazing group that has thrived in our distance learning environment despite all of the challenges that COVID 19 has placed in front of us. Thank you for the emails, calls, text messages, and virtual interactions throughout this first semester. I appreciate all of the feedback as we continue to make ongoing adjustments to meet your needs. We appreciate your critical thinking and ability to communicate to staff and your families on how to create the most engaging learning environment for you and your fellow classmates.

The unity I have seen with everyone coming together during this pandemic is something that all of us need to celebrate. I want to thank you for all that you have done and all that we will do in the coming year. While the New Year will continue to bring challenges with the ongoing pandemic, I know that we will continue to bond together as a community. We will continue to support each other. We will continue to celebrate each other and take pride in being part of our Los Angeles College Prep Academy community. All of you are truly amazing human beings as we center our efforts on ensuring our scholars are receiving everything they need to learn and thrive.

I wish you all a restful and joyful holiday season with plenty of time to enjoy your family and loved ones. Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing all of you in 2021!

In Community,

Dr. Jake Gordon

Executive Director

Los Angeles College Prep Academy
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