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LACPA Seeking Prospective School Board Candidates

LACPA is actively seeking board members who represent the diversity of our student body. A prospective board member brings both breadth and depth of professional expertise to ensure the highest quality of oversight and leadership for LACPA. Prospective board members are fully invested in our mission that all students can succeed in college and their future careers.

Please share any prospective board candidates that you may have to help us build our LACPA School Board. The candidate criteria is described below:


1. Candidates that are reflective of the demographics of our community and the students we serve, including representation from people of color and in particular, the Latinx community, and Bilingual Spanish speakers.

2. Candidates that have extensive professional experience in education, finance, law, real estate, and public affairs


3. Candidates with experience as a former LACPA community member.

Please submit the name of the person you're recommending as a prospective board member and responses to the criteria above. If you are suggesting that the prospective board member be yourself, please provide responses to the criteria above.

Please email your response to: mvazquez@lacpacademy.org

In your response, please include your contact information and a resume.
Contact Margarita Vazquez 323-257-1499 mvazquez@lacpacademy.org